After some traumatic times, our family grew by one at the end of November when we welcomed a lovely new puppy to try and ease things for all. Of course, we bought all sort of things for our new arrival, including a cushion that was shut by a zip that he duly took time to rip off and chew. Next step for him was to tear the inside cushion to get the fluff out.

We took the cushion away so that he wouldn't choke on the fluff and I thought I would try to mend it. Well, this is finally done today. I very roughly cut around the old cushion in some polyester fabric I had at home (used years ago to make the inside of a bean bag) to make a new insert.

I then put the insert back into the cushion cover and sew it all shut (I had planned to add velcro originally but decided against it as he might just chew it off and the cover had been ripped when he tore off the zip.)

I can't really say it looks like new again but at least it is mended... at least until he gets his teeth into it again!

And this week I have managed to spend at least 4 times 15 minutes on sewing related activities (not on the cushion only but also on a top that I am hoping to finish asap).

A happy dog with his band new cushion, look at him... butter wouldn't melt 😁

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  1. Maybe he's big enough now that he won't chew on the cushion so much. Congrats on all the stitching time this week. Thank you for linking up with 15 minutes to stitch.


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