Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Baking for Christmas

I made some dough for some Lebkuchen on Sunday and realised half way through that I was supposed to leave it in the fridge overnight so that was all for Sunday.
So yesterday afternoon, Miss Strawberry Shortcake and I started cutting out some biscuits with our Christmas cutters, just before school finishes while waiting for Mr Cars to come home, as he wanted to do some too. But unfortunately he had a scooter accident on his way home with Daddy, the handle of his scooter broke and he went flying before landing on his side on the alleyway, scratching the side of his face as well as hurting his side. So he came home sobbing and needed some comfort and cuddles. I think the pain and the scare he had while falling were enough to upset him really badly. So he decided after all that he wasn't going to cut some biscuits. Mummy had to finish cutting the dough on her own, the two little helpers had flown to the TV - even though that didn't stop Mr Cars tasting the raw dough raw as well as a freshly baked Lebkuchen. Someone has to be the taster I guess!
The recipe suggested adding a glazing of icing sugar and lemon juice when the biscuits were still warm but with the unfortunate events, I didn't prepare it in time for the first batch and was too tired to do it for the next batches. Anyway, all the biscuits were baked last night and today, I prepared those cute boxes that I had bought for home-made treats, ready to take to school and to our lovely childminder by week end. And next week we will start again to make 2 more boxes for my grand-parents.
Today, I finally finished hand sewing the binding around my tree skirt. I just need to cut the middle off and sew the binding around the middle "hole" before it can go around the tree, slowly I am progressing but it feels good to sew a second binding on a quilt in about 2 weeks. It hadn't happen for such a long while that I had almost forgotten the sweet pleasure of putting those last stitches to a quilt. I am hoping to post a picture of the finished quilt very very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. There is no problem in adding the icing later - and I bet Mr Cars would be amazed at how much icing suger he can add to the lemon juice.


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