Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Macintosh Rose wall-hanging is finished and another 2 kits for free

I finished sewing the binding on my Macintosh Rose wall-hanging yesterday evening so it is now finished and ready to be given to my Mum for Christmas. It won't be a surprise to her because it has taken me so long doing it that she has seen it in progress. Never mind, I know she likes it! I started piecing the top in February 2010 (!)
and left it until last January when I added the black bias binding
and then it waited until earlier this month to be picked up again and finally finished. And it is the 24th at midnight yet, what a performance for me to finish things "almost early".
It will go on her stairs wall to compliment the first one I made her about 5 years ago after her trip to Scotland.

Both wall-hanging have been made using the same focus fabric that I hand-dyed in the summer in 2006. I have all the colour wheel and have only use a few pieces for these 2 wall-hanging to date as I was too scared to cut through them! Maybe I'll use some for the Colour Challenge 2012, that could be a great opportunity.
Anyway, another UFO finished for me and another OPAM, it feels so good that I have digged out yet another one to see if I can finish one more by the end of the month!

On the decluttering front, I have unearthed another 2 embroidery kits that were given to me a while ago and that I will never use and would very much love to send away to a good home, you just cover the postage if you are willing too!
The first kit is from Rowandean Embroidery and is called Waterlilies. It is about 40 cm x 32.5 cm (about 16 x 13 ''). I found at least one kit available on ebay for £40!
It has been started but all the supplies are still available in the pack. So far the trees have been embroidered and the blue organza has been sewn onto the background.
The fabric and ribbon to frame the embroidery are in the pack as well as a very stiff cardboard to mount it when finished.

The second kit seems to have been ordered from a magazine or somewhere in 1996, for this one I only have the explanations and the printed fabric with the design on it. It is called Floral Fancy and the kit is supposed to make a cushion.
Again the kit has been started, the middle embroidery is done as you can see below.
I don't have the threads for this one but there are all listed on the explanations (Anchor references but you can use DMC threads if you use one of the Anchor/DMC conversion chart available on line.)
Leave me a comment or contact me if you are interested by any or both kits. I would be happy to send them on to someone who will use them.


  1. Celine, thank you for the hexie flower for my boy Christopher. I love it and it will fit with all my others as a lovely tribute to him.I am touched by everyone's kindness.

  2. well done, I am sure your mum wont mind the wait xx


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