Saturday, 10 December 2011

FNSI - the pictures of my work

I was feeling rather lazy last night and thought I couldn't find enough energy to do much so I thought I would just browse a few blogs/websites before going to bed.... until I remember it was FNSI and I had signed for it. So I gathered some energy and decided I would at least try to finish the little wall-hanging I started last Sunday. I had finished putting the top together a few days ago and yesterday during the day, I finished the embroidery. So last night, I picked up my little top to finish it. I pieced a backing and sew the 3 layers together then turned it inside out. I sew the seam back in my pieced backing and then quilted my top. I am so delighted that it is now finished, ready to hang up, and in lots of time before Christmas
The pattern came for the lovely Cotton Life magazine from last Christmas and was designed by Laurraine at Patchwork Pottery. This is the actual design which got me interested in the magazine in the first place so I am very happy that I have done my version of this little snow-covered tree.
This is also my first OPAM for December but I hope it isn't my last!

Because it wasn't too late yet when I finished my wall-hanging and I was on a roll by then! I started quilting a Celtic quilt that I made a long time ago. However I stopped very quickly because I wasn't happy with my decision on the "filling" of the space which I will now have to un-stitch. But at least, the 3 layers are together and the echo quilting will stay, I just have to think about what else I want to add.
All in all it was a very good and productive night and I should join again next year if Heidi continues to run it! Hope you have been productive too!

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  1. Cute tree wallhanging! Shame you have to unstitch the quilt :(.

  2. They are both beautiful projects.

  3. Oh I love your little tree! The red dot scalloped border adds a cherry pop!

  4. That's a very cute Christmas wall hanging.


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