Sunday, 4 December 2011

Crazy Quilting Journal Project 2012

I have signed up for another interesting challenge/project for 2012: the Crazy Quilting Journal Project which  starts in January 2012. The rules are simple, we piece one block a month - 6x6 minimum in size - and then embellish it during the month. It is an individual project but with the encouragements of the others in the group. The project caught my eye because I haven't done any crazy quilting for a while, despite having collected lots of supply over the years and also enjoying the process! Moreover, this is an easily transportable project as it is made of small squares that I might be able to leave around for when Baby has a nap for example (wishful thinking maybe!). I am hoping to be able to follow the challenge but because it isn't a swap, I know I won't disappoint anyone if I can keep up for a few months.

If you are also interested in this lovely challenge, and in promoting Crazy Quilting on your blog/website at the same time, run over to the CQJP website to register. Registrations will be open until 27 December 2011.
I hope to meet you there throughout the year and admire your lovely creations.

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  1. I am planning to join you. I've never made more than individual crazy quilt blocks for others and I really want to work on my own quilt.


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