Saturday, 17 December 2011

Friday Night Sew-In - no thread!

Yesterday was (this time) the last Friday night Sew in of the year and although I fully intended to participate and get things down, it wasn't until nearly 10pm that I actually sat down and got my fabric and stuff out. But I was determined to at least make a start on the project I had decided to work on last night. So it was a Sew-In with no thread or needle for me (didn't manage to get that far) but I managed to make a start on the Mug Rug I wanted to make. These will be Christmas gifts for my Aunties and Uncle. I bought them a lovely jar of Hot Chocolate and thought it would be a nice idea to wrap the jar with mug rugs. I designed the pattern yesterday, selected the fabrics I wanted to use out of my scrap baskets and bounded the fabric to the background before going to bed. And this were I got to (sorry the pictures are pretty poor quality with the lack of light)

I haven't had a chance to continue yet today as we have been out for a great part of the day getting last-minute baby stuff that I hadn't bought yet and I now feel exhausted. If I find a bit of energy after I have put the kids to bed, I might start sewing on them, otherwise it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I have a slightly extended deadlines for those anyway as I will give them to my Mum to take home with her when she comes (I can't travel at the moment) and she will be with us until 28 December. Hopefully I'll be able to list a 4th OPAM this month, that would be a record for me!

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  1. Hi Celine. Thank you so much for the Scrappy Around the World blocks that arrived sometime in the last few weeks while I was away - lovely to come home to! Merry Christmas


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