Thursday, 3 January 2019

Q4 FAL review

The year is over already and there has been a real shift towards dressmaking I think. A lot of quilts have been languishing waiting to be picked up again and I don't seem to ever find time sadly. But at least this quarter, i finished 2 as well as some other projects. All in all it feels that it has been a rather productive quarter. 

1. Modern HST triangles (19 blocks are done), this one is hopefully also a serious contender for this quarter but I seem to have lost part of a block... - no progress
2. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???) - no progress
3. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....) - there is a new sew-along starting in August maybe, this is my chance! - no progress
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 24 blocks done - it would be nice to pick it up again - no progress
5. Bubble blocks quilt - only the binding to finish now - finished 
6. Scrappy trip - about half of the blocks done so far - no progress
7. Gipsy Wife (in progress), I would really like to pick this one again.... -  no progress
9. Granny Squares quilt - 60 blocks from 5 years ago - no progress
10. Underground railway - most blocks available from years ago - no progress
11. 365-challenge - so many blocks still needed! - a few blocks
12. Kingfisher quilt - only 4 blocks sewn so far....- a few more blocks
13. Seeing Stars quilt - Finished
14.  Impromptu quilt - abandoned so long ago... I dream of having the quilt on my bed next summer... - no progress

Bags etc:
1. Power trip bag - not started - no progress
2. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me - no progress
3. Handbag for me - Carrier's Conquest - no progress
4. Toothbrush pouches x 2 - no progress
5. Fremont tote bag - finished
6. Tote bags or book bags - Christmas presents? - 3 made
7. Postcard of the world cross-stitch - finished

1. Lander trousers - navy - no progress
2. Lander trousers - burgundy no progress
3. Lander shorts - green no progress
4. Suki kimono (dressing gown)- dusty pink no progress
5. Aveiro cardigan - stripe cream and brown no progress
6. Hepburn trousers - navy no progress
7. Demoiselle dress for A - kit no progress
8. Tabor V-neck - dark grey - finished
9. Kyoto top no progress
10. Voltaire top no progress
11. Forester jacket with magic fleece no progress
12. Clare coat - purple - finished
13. Barkcloth dress Marbella no progress
14. Daphne day dress barkcloth no progress
15. Belladone dress barkcloth no progress
16. Acacia underwearno progress
18. Dropje Sweater- no progress
Breeze shirtno progress
20. Fumeterre skirt no progress
21. Yoga pants no progress
22. Activewear no progress
23. Lingerie - Binky pants and Darcey bra finished
24. Ostara top no progress
25. Pyjama M - finished - 2 pairs
26. Pyjama C - 2 pairs finished
27. Pyjama S - bottom finished 
28. Pyjama A - done
29. Malala sweater no progress
30. Toaster sweater in navy no progress
31. Asta dress - finished
32. Juniper cardigan - finished
33. Blackwood cardigan no progress
34. Christmas dress A no progress
35. Christmas dress C no progress
36. Raine dress - finished
37. Teahouse dress no progress
38. Trudy turtleneck no progress
39. Mandy boat tee - finished
40. Ginger jeans no progress
41. Karri dress no progress
42. Halloween skirt A - done
43. Halloween skirt C - done
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