Wednesday, 1 April 2020

April goals

It seems highly likely that we will be spending most of our time at home for the coming month, unless the fight against the current pandemic takes a dramatic turn for the better, which might be too early in the UK. Strangely enough, although I now have a lot more free time than usual, the free time I am always craving, sometimes it is the motivation that is seriously lacking. I wonder if this is just me or if the overall stress and anxiety we are living under is affecting everyone. Anyway, let's dream that I will fill my time with creativity rather than worries....

1. Dear Jane - finish row E
2. HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top 
3. Farmer's Wife 1920 - make some blocks
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - make some blocks
5. Threadology quilt along - quilt the top 

6. Scientific Adventure Quilt - not started
7. Purple and blue quilt
8. Scrappy Stripes quilt - needs quilting
9. Vintage Kitchen Quilt - needs quilting
10. Super Mario quit 
11. Baby Quilt
12. Mini Series Sew-Along
13. Halo quilt sew along
14. Project 48 quilt
15. Sewing Banner
16. Impromptu Quilt

2. Sirroco Jumpsuit, cut and ready to be sewn
3. Jeans for myself
4. Comox trunks
5. PJ for M
6. PJ or night dress for C
7. PJ for A
8. Night dress for me
9. Moneta dress
10. Belladone dress - wearable toile and real dress
11. Lola sweater dress
12. Black Beauty Bra
13. Jasika jacket
14. Agate dress
15. Ogden cami - this will be my One monthly goal
16. Pilatus swimsuit
17. Cottesloe swimsuit
18. Voltaire top 
19. Puff blouse
20. Suki kimono

1. Passport holder
2. Rucksack
3. Handkerchiefs

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along
2. Rainbow


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  1. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!


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