Sunday, 5 April 2020

New PJ

I have used the pattern a dozen of times probably now, so it should have been fast and easy to make one more, surely. I cut a new pair of PJ for my son from the 11th gear pattern by New Horizons Designs, last Thursday and set about to sew it up on Saturday afternoon. 
I made the top out of a leftover from the Givre tee I made myself last year. Apart from sewing the neckline twice, this was relatively straightforward. 
It was a very different story for the joggers! Using plain black is always confusing as there is no right and wrong side to the fabric.  I managed to sew the 2 legs to be the same and then to sew the waist to the seat seam. I spent more time unpicking than sewing with the pair of joggers....

But he slept on his new PJ last night and confirmed this morning that there were comfy!

Another one of my Q1 FAL list and another OPAM for April.


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