Monday, 27 April 2020


My kids seem to be forever growing! I make them PJ, turn my back and it seems that's it, they need new ones because the ones I just seem to have finished (a few months before... admittedly) are just too short. During the Black Friday sales, I spotted this lovely glow-in-the-dark moon and stars jersey on the Fabric Godmother website, that I knew would make perfect PJ for my eldest daughter. I duly ordered 2 meters that have sat in my stash since.
Earlier in the month, I showed it to my daughter, which was enough to get her to push me to make her new PJ and for her younger sister (who always gets the hand-me-down) to ask for some for herself too.... With that in mind, I finally cut a pair of winter PJ for my eldest and a pair of summer PJ for my youngest. Both from my trusted 11th hour gear pattern by New Horizons Designs. This one is by far my most used pattern!
I cut a size 10 top and size 12 bottom for my eldest because her legs are sooo long! and a straight size 8 for my youngest but with short sleeves and a pair of shorts. I started sewing both sets the previous week-end but I hadn't cut out the ribbing to finish them off before I started working on the scrubs.
Well this week-end, this was my first sewing job, to cut the ribbing out and finish and hem both pair of PJs. Both girls are delighted with them and the winter pair is already in action 🙂
That makes 2 more OPAM and 2 off my Q2 FAL list as well as one piece of fabric off my stash and 2 happy girls! 🙃
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